Event Background Organic & Natural Expo 2017
Event Background
Organic and Natural Expo 2017

Event Name


Organic and Natural Expo 2017



July 27-30, 2017



Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok



Department Of Internal Trade

1. Background


Organic agriculture sector is the fastest growing sector in the global food industry. According to the World of Organic Agriculture 2014 Report, the market value of global organic products in 2012 was $63,800 million with 234.3 million rai in aggregated size and high expansion rate of global organic agriculture. The main markets for organic products and services are North America (48 percent), with $31,500 million in total value with food products $29,023 million in total value; EU (47 percent), 22,800 million Euros in total value, the rest are Australia, Japan and other markets. Thailand has been the main exporter of tropical fruits and vegetables and a high-quality organic products producer with accreditations from Thai and International Institutes. Nevertheless, Thailand organic product market is still limited in size and small when compared with other countries’ markets.

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce is one of the main agencies which are responsible for the promotion and development of organic product market according to the cabinet’s resolution dated January 22, 2008. The resolution concludes that the Ministry of Commerce would be part of the National Organic Agriculture Development Committee with the duties to specify policy and strategy in order to encourage and stimulate organic agricultural development. The Committee is in the process of drafting the National Organic Agriculture Development Strategic Plan of 2013 - 2016. At present, the Committee is proposing a draft plan for the cabinet’s consideration. Since the Ministry of Commerce foresees the importance of business networking, expansion of Thai organic product market as well as building public recognition of customers toward healthy consumption, the “Organic and NATURAL EXPO 2015” project, the biggest organic/natural products expo and aggregation of products and services entrepreneurs in Thailand, is initiated for the fourth time to gather producers, organic/natural products and services entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the Organic & NATURAL EXPO 2015 aims to expand consumer market in organic products and services as well as educating public on the understanding of organic products in broader scope.

2. Objectives


2.1 To promote the image of Thai organic products and services domestically
2.2 To gather producers and entrepreneurs of organic products and services and be the market of both standard accredited and in transition period products
2.3 To show the potentiality of Thai organic products
2.4 To create organic networking and increase marketing channels through business negotiations between producers/owners and buyers of both standard accredited and in transition period products
2.5 To develop producers, entrepreneurs, and regional agents on the knowledge of production, marketing, and international standard accreditation, creating a business opportunity with domestic buyers and foreign importers through competitive capability increase
2.6 To create awareness and expand domestic market for healthier consumption and promotion of environmental conservation

Department Of Internal Trade

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